Full Album Arriving Spring 2018


Live While I'm Alive

From his upcoming new album, Live While I’m Alive is available EXCLUSIVELY on Spotify

Nominee for Aboriginal Recording in 2013 & 2016

Nominee for Adult Contemporary Album in 2016

Upcoming Shows

Concerts in Care Music Series

February 12, 2018

Minnedosa, MB

Concerts in Care Music Series

February 12, 2018

Neepewa, MB

Concerts in Care Music Series

February 13, 2018

Melita, MB

Don Amero's Story

Don Amero is an engaging storyteller, songwriter and performer who has been touring and speaking all across Canada for over 10 years. With 5 albums to his name that have already garnered eleven national and international awards, including a JUNO nomination in 2013 and two more in 2016, Don is eagerly completing his 6th album. The album is set to be released mid 2018 and the second single ‘Live While I’m Alive’ can be heard exclusively on Spotify until it’s full radio release February 26/ 2018.

Raised in the notoriously tough north end of Winnipeg, Don faced his share of adversity growing up. Yet, despite the poverty, gangs, drugs and violence that surrounded him, his life was tempered by love and support that held him up enabling him to thrive beyond those struggles and find his passion in music.

When Don was 14 years old he walked into an audition and soon discovered that he had a gift for music. His intention when auditioning for the musical was to catch the eye of his Jr. High crush, but instead he landed the lead role in that years play as ‘Curly’ in ‘Oklahoma’.

Around that same time Don’s personal life was in turmoil as his family was breaking apart, but somehow he found solace in learning how to play music on his father’s old guitar.

The music he was learning to play resonated with his souls longing and inner pain. It became his therapy and over the years Don’s passion grew and his focus as an artist has been to create music that he hopes will be medicine for others.

It wasn’t until he was 27 years old when he gave music his best shot. He was working as a hardwood floor installer and his boss plainly asked what he wanted to do with his life, without hesitation Don replied, “I want to be a touring musician and do music full time”, his boss said,”What are you waiting for!?”. That shook Don, but he realized that he’d been waiting for someone else to give him a shot. With that, Don quit his job and began the journey into a career in music.

With powerful vocals, a lovable stage presence, and a soulful sound along with his tireless work ethic, ambition, and determination, Don has earned the respect of the Canadian Music industry and has proven himself a much sought after performer who genuinely connects with his audience with an easy and effortless charm. A true musical talent without the rock-star attitude, Don impresses wherever he goes with his messages of encouragement, positivity, and beauty — and his desire to get out and chat with fans, no matter the venue.

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